Internet Marketing

We are online marketing specialists. We help small businesses turn websites into effective marketing tools. We build and manage ecommerce websites.

We also help companies devise and implement successful search engine marketing campaigns using adwords and other pay-per-click tools.

We use an analytical approach to ensure success. We know how to use website stats to measure progress. We don't need guesswork or gut feelings. We analyze and tweak and zero in to achieve the results you want.

Search Engine Optimization

We have a proven method of optimizing websites for top search engine rankings, using the following steps:

Define goals and measurement tools

  • What is the mission of the site?
  • How is the site going to accomplish that mission?
  • What are the specific calls to action?
  • How should those calls to action appear on the website (test, flash, video)?
  • What methods will bring qualified potential clients to the site?
    • Search engines
    • Referrals from other websites
    • Advertising
  • How will you measure success?
    • More website visits
    • More visits to key pages
    • Higher search engine placement for key terms
    • More phone calls
    • More closed sales

Initial analysis and plan

  • Establish a baseline of important stats showing where the site is now. Use google analytics or whatever stats are available to find:
    • Average visits per day
    • Average page views per day
    • % new visitors
    • Average pages per visit
    • Average time on site per visit
    • Average bounce rate
    • Most viewed pages
    • % of visitors from search engines
    • % of visitors from referrals from other sites
    • Top pages
    • Top search terms
  • Analyze website navigation and directory structure - is it search engine friendly. This includes directories and file names. What changes are needed?
    • Is the navigation crawlable by search engine bots?
    • Are key pages buried, hard to find?
    • Is the navigation intuitive, easy to use?
  • Determine what key phrases will bring qualified search traffic to the site.
    • has a free tool to help evaluate potential phrases.
    • Phrases are no good if nobody searches on them.
    • Phrases are no good if they bring unqualified traffic
    • See what terms your competition goes after.
    • Estimate phrase relevance by noticing how many ads appear with search results.
  • Analyze page content and determine what changes are needed.
    • Are pages search engine friendly?
    • Are key phrases used in page content (titles, tags, H1 tags, text, photo tags)?
    • Are pages human friendly (attractive, readable, understandable)?
    • Do key pages have needed content including calls to action?
  • Determine what websites you would like to partner with to get referral traffic.

Initial website optimization

  • Make needed changes to site navigation and directory structure.
  • Make needed changes to page content.
    • Add new pages if needed.
    • Add key search phrases to tags, page text.
    • Add calls to action to key pages.

Initial link building

  • Approach likely websites about trading links.
  • Ask for links on appropriate organization sites (chamber of commerce, associations, etc).
  • Write comments, blogs, tweets, articles for other sites. Include good info, links to your site.
  • Consider buying links on appropriate sites.
  • Avoid "link farm" spam sites.

Monitor, analyze, tweak

  • Check stats monthly to gauge results. Pay attention to trends.
  • Determine what is working, what isn't.
  • Tweak as needed.
  • Be patient. It takes consistent effort over time to achieve good results.